HU Archery Mission

(formerly Shihan Hussaini)


The Archers need to wear the prescribed uniform at all times during shooting at the ranges.

• Coach Support ( parents of Archers who accompany the Archers, support the Archers in their training, and hang around the field must positively wear the Red Uniform at all times at the field.

• The Freshers will get a full set of uniforms which comprise of a Red T-Shirt, a Black T-Shirt and a Camo Laced Black Track Suit. Freshers will wear the Red T-Shirt on all days. If Freshers are shooting on a Tuesday, they must wear the Black T-Shirt.

• The Elite Archers who shoot thru out the week need to wear day coded colours daily. There are T-Shirts in 7 colours. Each colour for a different day of the week. They are inspired by the colours on the target sheet.

Mon: White

white uniform

Tue: Black

black uniform

Wed: Blue

blue uniform

Thu: Red

red uniform

Fri: Gold

gold uniform

The next two colours are inspired by the colours of the Indian flag.

Sat: Orange

orange uniform

Sun: Green

• The camo lace in the Black Track Suit stands for the "war nature" of our mission.

• All Fresher Archers are advised to wear the "HU" caps provided in the uniform, to protect the head from sunlight.

• The Elite Archers are allowed to wear headgear that suits their comfort.

• All Archers are requested to wear shoes of their own choice at all times.

• Elite Archers can't wear colours that are not prescribed for that particular day.

• Archers, Parents, Relatives of Archers are not allowed in the Archery range without wearing the uniform.

• As this is the playground of a women's college, strictly no friends or visitors are allowed in the range without the permission of the Coach.

• Archers may order their uniform from Mr. Dinesh Pradeep. Ph: 091-50-627135.


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